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I am a month late (i blame my spotty internet and the lousy service provider. DAMMIT WHERE THE HECK IS THAT TECHNICIAN) but aaaah somehow a year has ended and it's almost February <8D. After a month of just me sleeping and eating and lazing in the house, 2nd semester rolled in and punted me back to busyness. Aside from trying to finish needed collab and draws have to juggle the prop commissions I totally ended up putting off during the break because vacay- but hey I think Im making decent time- /slapd. 

But yes back to school. My homeworks seem interesting enough. I wish I can just sleep longer though xD. the weather is perfect to just snug in the sheets but meh, must workworkwork. some of my interesting homework is I need to design and make a chair. We're also having Arduino classes (Crossing to slight engineering <8D, I can make stuff flash, sound and move now +*+*+*+*) as well as making a small version of ourselves 'u'. My prop commissions have been getting interesting too like putting together diorama parts for a friend then later proton packs with sounds and lights xDDD. Oh and have super project collab with :iconlooru:while doing other secret collabs and draws I like.

Ahahaha why the hell did I just sleep through the break- /punts self to Mars then blames ambitious self and being a potato when I had time

Well at least Im not bored xDDD and it keeps me going 'w'. I do feel sometimes this ambitiousness (Agreed to do a proton pack that can light and sound despite never learning yet how to pull it off ever, REALLY?!) but yes I'm totally not bored <8D (/Still OCDing on draws and collabs because must get better plz).

I feel my journals are getting repetitive and boring. Its always forever school and busy but so far that is what's happening. Well there are other things but whenever I think about them, I go off on a long rant and just would want to throw said person involved in the nearest trashbin (youareaningrateandyourmarketingstrategysucks). there's also random thoughts over maybe heading a Summer Secret Santa (I didnt join any last year but hmmmm)? And oh I found my ancient playlists. These boyband love songs really sound so silly when I listen to them now xDDD.    
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Tabby is fixed and is hoooome q777777q
I think tabby pen just died q7q. I think the wire loosened too much.

/sobs tries to find service center
Im not sure if I like DA's new format-


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